Opposite the dike

A budy and I got out on the lake a little late this morning at 10:00. We get a few nibbles and such in one spot so we decided to move after a couple hours. We were told to use bobbers and green power bait and all we go was some nibbling although there were about 15 fish right around us. We moved once more and aftere an hour I was just about ready to leave but threw my rooster tail lure in and 5min later caught a 12" trout. So from 10am to about 2pm I only caught 1 fish. After another hour of fishing we decided to call a day because neither of us caught anymore. Thankfully the weather was awesome. Perfect weather.
What dike are you speaking of? Do you mean the dam?
Left Bank
I was just up there as well. Started about 3pm on the Sain Creek arm so I could take out the float tube. Powerbait and worms were not working for the others that were on the banks and in a boat so I went with rooster tails. I had at least a bite every 3rd cast and ended up releasing 11 rainbows. All were in the 10" - 12" range.
Man, it's nice to finally catch some at Hagg. I've been up there 5 or 6 times so far and been skunked on just about all of them : )
fish early at the dam and went to ramp a and it was closed.went back to the dam fished some more-nothing.saw stocking truck go by,checked ramp a again closed.back to dam.decided to go to ramp c.fish all over from stocking.caught 1 white power eggs when reeling in-so put on big castmaster and the fun was on.caught over 20 catch and release fish. great fun
it has been a rough start at hagg this year
So by writing..."opposite the dike"...do you mean on the "upper" end of the lake? Or, do you mean one side or the other of the dam?
my thinking is where they let the water out of the dam and it goes to the drainage ditch ( where the rope is )
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