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The lake is pretty much fine, ODFW did tests of water quality and has deemed it to contain eatible trout. The story 5 years ago about the people dying was because they ate chub that they dragged out of the lake after the first round of poisonings, the fish were not yet dead, but very close, aparantly just floating trying to breathe. DoubleStrike should be fine.


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I'll try to find it, but it was real old, maybe 6 years back.
Tui Chub to Blame for Diamond Lake Closure
Very old.
The tui chub eat all the zooplankton, then masses of algae grow faster because the plankton arent there to eat it... Then blue-green algae anabaena releases toxins into the water that are potentially deadly to humans, pets, birds, etc., then they have to poison the water to kill all the chub, which makes the water even more poisonous until it is drained, but the chub just keep comin back, keepin the water poisoned. It also says that "someone" keeps illegaly dumping chub into the lake. I HATE that person whoever he/she is.
I believe the problem has since been fixed.
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