Open seats all summer


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Wanted to offer help to those on this site who may need it before moving on. I have already been contacted by a couple of good guys and you never know will you will meet some great people.

I have 30 years experience boating and fishing the Columbia, Willamette, and ocean and am a salmon/steelhead guy that primarily fishes on anchor. My primary fishing areas these days is mostly the Columbia from Bonneville, down to Cathlamet.

I have summers off and while I was on ifish I regularly offered help to those who needed it. I met people to show them how to use anchor systems, tune wobblers, fish in hog lines, how to operate their boat. I also offered TONS of open seats for fishing.

I am more apt to make time for someone that really needs help with something river related, its always nice to get some help when you need it. Because of the EXTENSIVE list of guys I have built up that want to go fishing, getting an open seat for fishing is not always an easy task these days, but if you are persistent I'm sure I can get you out in the boat. I have made some very good friends by offering open seats and its great to see people get into fish that don't usually have great success.

I plan on monitoring this site for a short time longer to see if anyone has any immediate need for help. After that I will not be monitoring this site much in the future, so if you PM me say in July I will not see it. I will leave my cell number and feel free to use it.

If you want an open seat the best way to get one is to call me. I have such a large list of fishing friends now that when I go through my phone I usually will call the regulars first.

I have summers off and a call from someone who tells me they want to go fishing is usually all it takes.

Jesse 503 481-6140