OK so I cheated

Ya I cheated n the wife is ok with it......whoops no no no not that way. I am getting up in age and have the injury's so that it is getting difficult for me to work around the house and I am tearing down an old 24 x 60 manufactured home. Where I live there is no government structure to take care of roads, drainage ditches etc. so if you want them taken care of you do it yourself. I checked on the price of a small tractor with bucket n backhoe and almost fainted, I only wanted it for a week. So I went out and bought my own, and that is how I cheated. I have gotten a lot of work done with it I could not do before such as cleaning out the drain ditches and other stuff. I had a couple of firs dropped and I can buck them up and I have a neighbor who needs the wood so I take it to him. I don't burn wood, he is older than I am and his wife is not it good shape so why not. I have decided to call it "JOLLY" and it is smallish, so no it is not the HO HO HO GREEN GIANT, in stead it is Jolly the Green Midget, it is just the right size for my place. The first pic is Jolly, the second pic is what the ditch was when I started and then when it was done. Oh forgetted to tell you, I also have a rather envious neighbor as I don't let anybody drive it.