Offshore charter recommendations?


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Hi, new to the board here and the state as well. Looking for some recommendations on charters for offshore. In Eugene so would prefer within reasonable distance ( 2 or so hrs) drive. Would really like to Tuna but also interested in all other species as well. Have been fishing the gulf coast all my life so these will all be new and exciting to me.

I have been reading up on a lot of them but like to have personal experience input as well.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance.


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I have heard good things about The Raven out of South Beach Newport. Another is Captains out of Newport. No personal experience on either one.
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Welcome to OFF and to Oregon. Good luck in your adventures. I've never been "sea faring"; so I'll leave that to others to chime in on. Let us know how you do.
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Okay, I have no experience for who to charter with but from Newport to Coos Bay (Charleston) are all about that two hour range.
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