No Salmon, but..............

Bigsteel and I took a trip down the McKenzie with our guide Brian Marz.....No salmon but look what I got...on the swing on a spey rod!!!!!! What a ride that was. Suh-weet!!!!

Dave had 4 really nice steel on and put up a great fight with all of them but they won....His first one on was ginormous and fought him way down the river. He was using egg pattern and stonefly.

Brian is an excellent guide. Very patient with me..hehe. I think I got the spey rod just for the safety of others in the boat...:D Even though it rained (poured) on us most of the day it was a great trip and, again, we learned a lot about the Mac and found a lot of nice holes to fish the next time we go.
Good job! I heard the fishing has been on fire up there!
nice fish
Great job you guys!!!
Nice haul! That fish is bee-you-tee-full! lol
Great lookin steel Rose!! That`s awesome!!
ennnnvvvyyyyyy.... on the swing, with the spey. wow, good job young lady. :clap::clap::clap:
that was an awesome day,,,,she swung that spey like a pro,as soon as that leech rounded the front of the boat it was HAMMER DOWN...I had 4 on but they wooped my butt.i really like this river it has a lot of good swinging water and nymphing water.
Rose...the pic will be a headliner for sure!
OMGeezers! Nice fish Rose!
Nice fish Rose. Glad to see one of you could get the job done :lol: Guess it's a payback for Thursday :lol: Dave was the only one that got a nibble that day.
Great job Rose!!! Now you'll be hooked on that spey rod.;) Dave were yours on the spey rod too? Just courious was that a Clackacraft drift boat you were in?
NICE those summers up there are starved lol. October and November are always hot, and people overlook it because they got salmon on the mind! NICELY DONE. Good job outfishing the boys :)
rippin fish lips
Nice fish! I hooked one at leaburg last year, the colors on it were beautiful! almost got it to the net but it spit the lure =/ That water looks so perfect!
Salmon? Steel? It's all good Rose. NICE feesh!!!
Thanks was pretty exciting.

Over the summer we were camping on the Deschutes or Crooked (can't remember which) and I observed Irishrover demonstrate his spey and again I seen Ninja with his.....never thought I would have one in my hand, let alone get a steelie!!!!! Granted, I just used a basic cast but wow...the distance you can get with it (I have a small problem with distance on my rod). I think I AM hooked Lon......just have to get a job so I can get an inexpensive one...hehe. And, it was a very nice Clackacraft that we were on.

There were a lot of steelhead there. It was great getting to know the river a little more.
She is a reeel Beauty, Sis.

Grreat Job...

Irishrover said:
Great job Rose!!! Now you'll be hooked on that spey rod.;) Dave were yours on the spey rod too? Just courious was that a Clackacraft drift boat you were in?

no mine were on the single hander,just nymphing with strike indicator..that is a clackacraft boat,a very nice one,he has the stand up podium at the back so you lean on and cast,,i loved that..yep rose kicked my arse again.
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