New to Oregon, looking for fishing partners


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Thank you to everyone who's been offering insight and info for all us transplants, this thread has soooooo many great resources to check out!


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This site was created, actually, by a "transplant". But we now accept our fearless leader, Anatoliy , as a native. :D

Welcome aboard. Be sure to post your stories, and pics.

Tight lines,



Hydrocephalic;n599370 said:
Hey OFF!

I'm a warm water fisherman from San Diego looking to explore all of the opportunities we have up here. I have a decent variety of gear and basic knowledge of how to catch species native to the NW. My only river/Creek fishing experience is for small trout in the mountains and a lot of swimbait largemouth fishing in reservoirs, plus some river smallie fishing. More offshore experience than I can afford, but that isn't as practical inland. I generally prefer getting skunked hunting trophy fish to loading up on dinky fish.

Not looking for spots, I've scoped plenty on Google earth and have been reading for weeks.

I live in Beaverton and am willing to drive hours for a decent bite, especially if it's not crowded. I'm a knowledgeable guy who is up to hike and discover new holes. PM or reply here if you're ever interested in tagging along or having someone join you for an adventure.

Glad to be a part of such a knowledgeable community, hope to stick fish with some of you soon.
Two questions
Do you fly fish?
Do you like hiking in remote areas?

I'll be back in Portland this May thru Aug and will be in the Albany area once I start college this next Fall. I missed a whole year of fishing due to deployment and now I have to make it up so I will be fishing as much as possible.
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