New to Oregon fishing


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I'm visiting my brother in Oregon in september and we want to to steelhead fishing. I do plenty of it in upstate New York with a center pin setup and I was just just womdering want the laws and regulations were we plan on fishing the sandy river any info would be great. Thank you


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No steelhead in the Sandy in September. Well, maybe some later summer fish but not many. Would have better luck with coho and/or fall chinnok.............


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That is a good recommendation to you as well. Both have good public access. Both peak in September.


Yep. Too late for Summer Steelies; and too early for the Winter runs. Salmon is a much better bet. Although still a tad early for the Fall fish. And OnTheDrop is your "go to" guide!

September, however, is a great time to chase Bluebacks / Sea Run Cutties.