New to Hood River

I just moved south from the Seattle area where I mostly fished the Yak - my main focus is trout in moving water. (I have nothing against steelhead or lake fishing... it's just not my thing.)

Other than annual pilgrimages to the Deschutes for salmonflies I'm a newbie to the area, and looking for some suggestions for rivers to explore.

I've checked out the White Salmon in an area that looked really fishy but without luck and the Klick, but it was pretty colored up.

This is NOT an invitation or expectation for hotspotting... just an intro to the area! Any suggestions for a fellow fly guy?

DFG, like you, I'm new here, living in the Willamette Valley after many years in Snohomish County. While I don't know your specific area, nor exactly the type of fishing you're looking for, I've got some thoughts.

Bend area rivers - just got back from the Metolius, which kicked my ass, but was worth every second; Crooked for easy days of many fish;
Upper Deschutes for brookies and bows.

NEO - Wallowa, Imnaha, etc for better trout fishing than you'd expect.

Willy Valley - MacKenzie for excellent fishing, year round (artificially really good this year, cuz they dumped a lot of hatchery fish into the river last year to save them from the wildfires); middle fork of the Willy and the north fork of the middle fork of the Willy.

Those are my thoughts - I don't know know any of those rivers well, but that might get you started. Sorry I don't know more about your area.

FYI - you can probably find more info on the WFF website than here. It doesn't seem to get much use compared to WFF.
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