New to Grants Pass, any rivers to fish?


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Hello and good evening everyone,

New to the forums here and also new Grant's Pass. I have been doing quite a bit of research on where to go fishing for trout, but I can't seem to find any rivers or creeks that produce good size trout other than stockers from what I have read. It seems that lakes and reservoirs are the places to go, but I dont have a boat and prefer fishing on the rivers. Can anyone point me to some good spots, it would really be appreciated. I dont mind traveling, could be 2 hours away but would prefer something closer. Again anything would help. Thanks everyone I appreciate the info.


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Welcome to OFF.

The Wood & Williamson Rivers, are a good bet for larger trout. They feed into the Klamath Lake Basin, to the east. A fellow OFFer used to file regular reports of catching big ones, by casting and retrieving plugs. Plus the Sprague River, just a little further east too. In fact I believe that was Ben's favorite stream.

Let us know how you do and include some pics. Tight lines, TD


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@troutdude Thank you for all the good info. I will have to wait about another week or so then I'll be heading out to hit some of these rivers. I'll def post some pics. Have you heard anything about the applegate river?