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Hey gang; I stumbled onto the manufacturing facility, on Friday, for Poulsen Cascade Tackle. Then got to chat with the owner, Tom Hester (who is a contributing member of NW Steelheaders too). He then, graciously, gave me samples of the variations of his new product. They are called Half-Fast "Free Slide" (trademark).

He said that his Free Slides, will be the best of 2 worlds: spreaders, and sliders. At least, if I understood that correctly. Tom plans to introduce these new products, at the Portland Sportsman's show in February. And they will be available, from 4 different vendors at that show. But here is, a sneak preview.

Here are some pics. For more information go to:

Free Slide Looped.jpg Free Slide Snap.jpg

Half Fast Free Slide HOW TO RIG.jpg
Seems gimmicky. I thread a barrel swivel on my mainline add my dropper and a couple beads. Line twist can be reduced by adding a small ball bearing swivel half way down your leader. Just my $.02


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I think a sliding spreader is important both while fighting fish and trolling. These do look a lot like what people have been making for years though. I have some sliding sinkers that Jack at Oregon Rod Reel and Tackle makes that are very similar. They work well.