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Hi all,

I’m new to the forums here, and relatively new too fly fishing. Born and raised here in Oregon, currently living just north of Salem in Woodburn. I’m hoping to gain some valuable information about fishing in general. Growing up I fished a bit on the Columbia and down in the Deschutes with my dad who is an avid flyfisher. Unfortunately my folks moved out of state and we’ve had not much time fishing together.

I’m 28, limited experience fishing, but I LOVE getting out in the rivers and bank fishing when I can. I don’t know a lot about fishing locations in my immediate area, but I travel down towards Bend and love fishing the Crooked river when I have time. Not a ton of ways of equipment but I’ve got a 1980-something Loomis 4# that my dad passed down to me for trout. I’ve been looking into picking up a 6-8# for Salmon/Chinook but I figured I should get more time behind my current rod hunting trout before I dive down that rabbit hole.

Thanks for having me!


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Welcome to the best forum, on the planet.

A Loomis rod, is an awesome stick man. You'll have fun with it.

An 8# is okay, for steelhead and springers. But I believe such a rod, may be a bit light for fall nooks. However...I am a novice fly guy. So it'll be interesting to see, what the experts will suggest.

Tight lines, TD