New Here - Looking for Some Advice/Wisdom

Hey all, I've been checking out these forums for the last few days and decided to join up as fishing will be a part of my life again. Grew up in southern oregon mostly fishing the Coquille river during shad runs then using them for crab bait that same day. Hot summer days we would find some forks/creeks that we could basically wade for a mile or so and just catch brookies to our hearts content. Rarely kept any but it was mostly to keep cool and enjoy the aesthetic nature of it all.

So that's a brief background - It's been about ten years since i've been fishing but this coming weekend a couple of us are taking a friend out whom has never been. I'm struggling to find a spot that will work for us. At this point we're not so concerned about a monster fish, catching a limit or anything like that I dont' believe. I honestly think the biggest part that is going to turn him onto the whole thing is finding a spot that's beautiful, relax a bit, have a couple beers and maybe catch a rainbow or something. We'll be leaving from Salem/Keizer and we're not oppossed to a good 45 minutes or hour drive.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. What i've read so far seems to show that everyone is pretty helpful, and I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Oh I also drove by and Wirth lake today and walked around a bit. I dont' think that's really the environment we're looking for off the bat. The freeway in the background isn't the most relaxing....;)
welcome i fish benson lake and heartmond pond a lot of i 84 benson is full of trout and heartmond is the warm water fishing i pulled a 14 ft catfish out of the pond last week and i get my limit on trout a lot their today i went and they both where slow the lake cuz of people swimming and the pond i stayed at until my gf said she wanted to go i was their for 20 mins maybe came back with nothing anyhow theirs some good fishing of i 84 east and clear lake on mt hood i hear is good also
x1hunter89 said:
i pulled a 14 ft catfish

WOW. A new world record! <just kidding around>

Welcome to OFF Goatsafari. I'm not completely sure, but I think most of those places mentioned are "similar in nature" to what you experienced at Wirth.

Head up to Detroit, and fish where Tumble Creek flows into the reservoir. Or, fish just OFF the north side of the Hwy. 22 bridge that goes into the town of Detroit. It's where French Creek and the Breitenbush River meet and flow into the lake.

Or, if you have a 4 x 4 (or at least a rig w/ higher clearance than my Honda), drive on up that road that follows French Creek. You'll find a bridge over the creek (to the right) appx. 1/2 mile up. Then at the fork, take the "low road" and that will take you to a point almost directly across the creek from that first Hwy. 22 bridge spot.

The first spot is about 55 minutes from Salem. The Hwy. 22 spot is about 60 minutes. And the opposite side of French Creek is about 75 or so. Plus, you may be able to fish the Breitenbush side of that Pennisula too.
fish the north santiam or the whole detroit breitenbush area as troutdude mentioned. awesome scenery up there and some ncie fish too.
Thanks for the replies. I was kind of thinking about detroit and the N santiam like you guys mentioned, I've just never been up there.

When you mention fishing just where Tumble Creek flows into the reservoir are you saying that there is a spot around there to park just off 22 and then head down to the reservoir or actually fishing the creek? Like I said, I've never been up there so just want to make sure I understand correctly.

When you fish the N. Santiam are there places you go and just kind of sit on the bank or is it something that you actually walk up and down for a ways?

Thanks again for the replies so far. Good stuff
Theres a good pull off to park where Tumble Creek enters the lake then you just walk across 22 and your there. North Santiam has plenty of access via pull offs and parks. Search the Santiam and Detroit thread for more information and WELCOME TO THE FORUM!
Yup. What Matt said. There is a hwy. maintenance building (and heavy equipment), that you just walk behind and down to the bank. Easy shmeezy!

Float worms n' marshmellows OFF the bottom, or Power Eggs (one orange egg and one Lemon Lime one on one hook was best, but always take multiple colors). Or a Wickiup sandwich might work good too.
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