New additions to the Family - Meet Jack and Mary

I was at the local feed store today and some ass drove up to the loading ramp, dumped out three kittens and drove off again.
The kittens stink of something not too unfamiliar, and are surrounded everywhere by a green haze.
They are around 8-12 weeks old and stink.
We ended up with two of the three, another customer took back the other one.
Black and white - Jack H
Orange and white - Mary J

No photos yet, will get them soon enough.

Now work out what the hell they stink of, and where they were probably living!
They were most likely born and living around livestock...horses probably. I had a black lab once who loved to roll in and around that green stuff. She was soooo proud of herself.:rolleyes:
Good for you rescuing the poor babies.
BobbiDollPDX said:
Good for you rescuing the poor babies.

X2. I tip my hat to you GB!
Named by a 3year old and a 6year old.

Both boys around 12 weeks old, no problems at the vets except slight case of fleas, all shots given. Kids love them both and both cats purr when held, and they love to be cuddled.
The links didn't go anywhere but great names!
Good for you for rescueing them! Your a good person!
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