Never caught a steelhead. Help


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Howdy---new in this site. Im 65 and in a wheelchair but can go 100 feet at a time with crutches. Ive never caught a steelhead and its on my bucket list! Where can anyone suggest where I don't have to hike to get one. I also don't own a boat or it would be easy. Can you get them from the banks anywhere close to Portland? Within 100 miles? Thanks


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Estacada Lake has a solid dock and hosts both salmon and steelhead when they are in the Clackamas. (Lake is in Milo Mciver Park) (I know I spelled that wrong) -- Ive seen multiple salmon swim right passed the dock. You can catch them there 100%.

North Fork Reservoir has one as well. Though I can't say whether steelies or salmon make it there or not.

Keep in mind that both of these lakes are closed to trout till May 2020 I think... anyway.... just make sure to check the regs.

Also in Pacific City (Nestucca River ) there are some parking lots that offer access that you could certainly use.

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