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NetFish guides you to the best fishing spots on thousands of different waterways. Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, NetFish will guide you on when, where, and what fish are biting, so you can spend more time fishing and less time planning. Need a lure suggestions? No problem, NetFish will share the best lures to use based on the conditions in front of you. NetFish has NO SUBSCRIPTIONS and it's the only FREE fishing guide app that rewards you with free gear just for using it!

NetFish was built to get people out and enjoying the sport of fishing. By analyzing our live database of proprietary information, NetFish predicts where and when fish are biting. Weather and water temperatures are always changing, so we’ve built advanced algorithms that are constantly adapting, giving you the most up-to-date fishing spots. Not sure what lures or bait to use? Not a problem! NetFish will guide you to what fish are biting on your waterways, as well as where you’re most likely to catch them. Use NetFish the next time you plan on fishing to help you get a good day of catching, too.

· NO SUBSCRIPTIONS - NetFish is FREE: there is no cost to you, includes features for which other apps charge.
· Reelwards – Earn free gear while doing what you love: fishing
· Solunar forecasting giving you the best times to catch based on barometric pressure and moon phases.
· Connect and share your catch with other anglers in our discussion board
· Bait recommendations for top species in lakes based on season, sky condition, water clarity and wind.
· Log your catches and record where, when and what you caught
· Multiple map options including topographic
· Detailed information about waterways including fishing type, fees, waterway size, depth, hours of operation and nearby facilities
· Recipes feature uses Food to Fork to give you tasty recipes to use with your catch
· Know a public waterway that isn't yet supported in the app? Let us know by contacting us at and we'll add it.

Anglers have a new source for the most up to date information on their favorite waterways - NetFish

Here is an app comparison review between netfish, fishbrain, and fishidy. Here are important snippets I've pulled from the article:

NetFish – This was easy to setup and allowed a quick signup with just a few questions, then I was able to go into my account and add personal information and preferences.

NetFish – This app is simple to scroll through your feed, fishing nearby and discussions. No real issue here, it is easy to operate and log catches. I did like how you can add bait type, rod, and reel used, etc. This is nice to be able to add to the basics like fish length and weight.

Extra Features
NetFish, for instance, has recipes for many different species and it also shows wine and beer pairings. I liked this feature!

You can also earn rewards from NetFish that you can redeem for rods, reels and gift cards. It is pretty straightforward for earning points and if you are active, you may as well get some type of reward for it.

NetFish – Like Fishidy, it has some information on the lake near where I was. I clicked each of the tabs and saw lake details, where to fish, fishing times and suggested fishing tips. These were all awesome features and didn't cost money to see it.

The data NetFish uses is from many sources and a specific algorithm instead of just user data.

Overall, the three apps are each cool in their own way. I like the features and locating new fishing spots from NetFish, I like the ease of use of Fishidy. If I had to pick one it would be between these two, as FishBrain was constantly pushing the premium option. Between the NetFish and Fishidy apps, I am going to stick with NetFish. Tons of features, very easy to use and best of all, it is all free.


My thoughts about netfish:

I personally like the app, and the direction it's going in. Now the app isn't anywhere near its final form and they are still working on adding a TON more features. Although the app isn't even close to its full potential, I still think it is worthy enough to be talked about on

Another thing I might ad is that each page has discounted advertisements for new fishing equipment and % discounts! I've personally purchased gear from them because the reels that they advertise are top notch.

Most of all, IT'S FREE and you get FREE reward points that go towards fishing gear!

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