Nestucca level


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Wondering if there is any problem running the Nestucca at the current river levels?

I have a buddy (maybe two) headed up who want to float and my only time on the Nestucca was with our resident guide Tanner (on the drop). And the river was over a foot higher than it is now.

I realize that fishing will be rough at this point unless we’re hitting tidewater but they’d like to float a section of river and I’d like to give them the best shot I can, even if that is just defaulting to the old Sandy. -which is what I’ll do if the collective opinion is that running the nestucca would be no better than walking my lil drifter down the Sandy.

Feel free to PM me if you’d rather not post publicly. All I want to know is if it would be a safe river to run right now. Fishing is gonna be tough no matter where we end up.



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Safe—yes. You’ll have to walk it down some stretches, though. My boat is 6 months old and looks like 6 years ‘cause of this past month. Cheers,