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i have a couple of acres and behind my place there are a bunch of ranches and a lot of timber. A few days ago my dog started acting really weird and paranoid, and one night he got up on the bed which he normally does not do. So I put out my trail cam cause I figured the local big cats may be around and I was hoping to get some shots. This evening as I was walking back I found this, It has been a couple of weeks since I walked up there because of a bum hip. The ferns on top are failry fresh. I took these with my phone, the house is mine and is less than 75 ft and the road is across the bottom and about 50 ft away. I saw no people tracks, and no animal tracks and there are no kids around here who could build something like that. The ground under the cover looked like something may have used it. I am going to move my trail camera tomorrow. This is right on a path often used by deer and turkey.



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Lock n' load. It's either a Bigfoot, or a Felons hideout! I would notify County Mounties, or State Troopers, if I were you!
I doubt if it is a felon, ABSOLUTELY no sign of humans. Nothing not even any poop. No trash nothing. I carry a mp 40 when ever I go up there. It would be cooler squat if I could get a pic though.


That would be making me nervous. I am paranoid, and just hearing no tracks, no trash, oh boy. I would pack my pistol too!
I went down to the bottom of the hill where there is a small stream and found where somebody/something had placed some bark from a doug fir in the stream and put ferns on top off that, almost like they wanted to sip up some water and not get wet while doing it. The ferns were fresher than those on the nest. I am going down to get my disc from my camera and may go on down to get a pic of that also. Nothing going on for the last few days that I know of. Because there are kids in the neighborhood I ran a cable for my camera around a tree, I got the cable at Bi Mart and it works very well.
I checked my camera tonight and found I had a bipedal visitor, a young girl maybe 10 years old but not way strong enough to move those logs. I also got a pic of the creek. Take a look at how the ferns are placed on the bark..


That is a good question, I did manager to track down who she was and saw her Grandmother who assured me she would not be back and knowing that family I doubt if she will be back. Basically it is a place to go I guess. Young kids have no worry about who owns something or owner ship. I am not angry her, just don't want her getting hurt and I am a bit peeved that they cut down two of my sapling cedars for no reason except to cut them down..However I do think I may have found the builders of that site, well I have narrowed it down to 5.


I know the grandparents live, talked with her about it. Knocked on the door and showed her a pic of the little girl, date and time stamped. She assured me the little girl would not be back. I am not really mad, just don't want her to get hurt and it was an evening shot at about 5:30. ? is what is she doing out after dark crossing a small creek etc. I am a bit upset at the kids that cut down two of my sapling cedars.

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