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I thought I'd show you guys my fly fishing gear. I have not fly fished yet really, except tried at a lake once.. and lost my fly as I was casting. :( Well, this year I want to try again some more. I have bought most of this stuff 2 years ago. I dont remember what kind of flies I have here. I think they all are dry flies. I wanted to show you guys what I have and get input of what I need to get :) I want to fly fish in my float tube and am thinking of silverton reservoir, aumsville ponds, mill creek, santiam river, tumble lake, as for places to fish at.

The gear:











Let me know what you think of what I got here to start with. I dont know what type of flies I have.. I think the ones in a bunch in one pic are all attractor flies - and I bought them cheap in a pack at bimart. The others I picked out at a fly shop. The blue dragonfly one, I selected that one because I saw them all over at this lake above detroit. I'm thinking I need those wooly buggers I hear so much about on here, nymphs and prince nymphs ? I dont know what they look like either.

My fly line is what came with my rod - and I think its a full floating line. I have a leader, and some tipplet, and floating spray
I t looks like you have some good gear to get started.There is some really good info on flyfishing for the beginner in this category of the forum,check it out and dont forget u tube for free video casting tutorials.Dont be afraid to ask the guy at the fly shop whats what,and whats working where.I f your local guy is snobby,go talk to Mitch at two river fly shop in Albany,I promise he will treat you right.:)
Nice! How do you liike your Griggs fly rods? I have one of his Steelhead rods and love it but haven't heard a lot about his fly set ups.
here is the bead head prince nymph for you to see what it looks like
I would get prince nymphs, hares ear nymph... I personally like having them all being gold beadheads. I think pretty much all my nymphs are beadheads except for the junk that came with my fly rod.
If you come down to the eugene area I would be more than happy to share my knowledge of fly fishing and casting. we would have to do it from the bank as I am genereally a bank maggot
Thanks for the info on nymphs, do all nymphs look like that in the pic with black body, gold lines, and red wings ? I will look for those with gold beadheads. Are they for trout in lakes or rivers ?

The only fly shop specitaly shop I have visited is the one in Salem near the public library between high st and liberty. They were helpful to my questions, but I didn't really know what to ask either when I was there looking for flies.

My Griggs rod seems very nice, I have not been able to do any comparisons though. I wanted a 5w rod, 4 pc, and a reel with drag.. so went with the grigg kit. Also because it was a local company, and I was hoping that it was made locally, but its not. It does say it has a lifetime warranty and free replacement if it breaks.

Anymore advice ? Thanks
Not too bad

Not too bad

That is a good variety but what happens when you loose the one fly that is catching fish that day? Here is a link to a site I sometimes use when I'm too lazzy to tie up my own. Online Fly Shop

They are good quality at reasonable prices..

how much would i need to invest to get a nice fly fishing set up? my uncal dosent know prices but he is good at it
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