My daughter's project for Advanced Health Careers, please give her some views


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I am Karyssa Stonick, an Advanced Health Careers student in the Beaverton School District. As a part of this class we have been tasked to create a service project that works to help meet a currently unmet need. The unmet need that I have chosen to address - and am passionate about - is Chronic and Invisible Illness Awareness. The understanding of chronic illness is currently limited among healthy populations, including many coworkers who may be unaware of the challenges others in their department may be facing - particularly since many of these illnesses are not immediately obvious to an observer. To improve awareness of these challenges, I have created a presentation about the prevalence of chronic illness and the many ways it impacts the people's lives both in and outside of work.

Here is a link to her presentation:


Most excellent! Please tell her thank you; from someone who suffers from multiple invisible chronic illnesses.


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Tough subject. My Mother lived with allergies and the last few years of her life with neuropathy. Smart young woman.


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to watch the video and to comment. My daughter was really pleased to get these positive responses. She has a tough row to hoe, but she is tough and she is game. Hopefully one day she will be a doctor and be able to help a lot of folks.
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