Mushroom mania - Chanterelles

The day before yesterday we went up to an area near Mill City where my brother had found a bunch of chanterelle mushrooms. We found a bunch more and filled my basket up in probably 30 minutes or so. Had to exercise some serious self control to not start stuffing our hats, pockets, shirts. We brought home some 12 pounds of them. Best day of chanterelle picking I've ever had - better than hunting easter eggs when I was a little kid! :dance::dance::dance:

Here is a photo of them:


I thought we would need some trout to go with some of these. The next day we tried a lake on the other side of the Willamette Valley, but we just caught one 13" Cut and then a little SM Bass we tossed back. But the trout was enought for my wife to share it with me (who caught it by the way) She also found a couple of more chanterelles in the woods while I was loading up the canoe to go home. But we were already stocked to the gills with the shrooms we found yesterday, so we gave these to a fisherman close by and he got excited too :dance:. It was a slow day catching fish, so I bet he took a stroll up in the woods to find more after we left.

The only people I find that are more secretive than fisherment about secret spots are mushroomers. So I can't tell you any more than it was in the area around Mill City in a mature Douglas Fir Forest. That should narrow it down to a 10 mile radius! ;) If I tell you more I'll have to shoot you, then be shot for telling :D

So all week it's, "Whats for dinner tonight? Chantrelles? again!" :D
Nice!!! I heard it was a great year. My buddy picked 8 buckets in 2 hours up the Mckenzie last week. Thanks for sharing.
That is impressive to sat the least. I won't even ask where,but I will ask how. How do you cook them,do you have any recipes you can case I get lucky?
Oh yes I love me some wild mushrooms.. my neighbor has been giving me buckets of them things the last few weeks.
I have an easy time finding Chantrelles, but I can never find Matsutakes or Morrells.
Raincatcher said:
That is impressive to sat the least. I won't even ask where,but I will ask how. How do you cook them,do you have any recipes you can case I get lucky?

Not much of a recipe but I like to sautee them up in whole butter with diced garlic. Mmm.
My favorite way to cook them is similar. I think they are a relatively mild flavored shroom, so you don't want to overdo when spicing.

Here is what I do:
Cut them up in pieces (stalks and caps) in to sizes about twice as big as what you would eat for a bite. Put them all into a skillet, no oil or butter, simmer on low heat until the water in the shrooms starts coming out. Once there is plenty of water boiling, turn the heat onto medium or high, simmer until most of the boiling water is gone. Now add a little butter (1 or 2 table spoons depending on how much you are cooking). Turn the heat down to medium and continue to cook stiring it up now and then. While you are doing this add a little salt, pepper, garlic, or what ever suits your fancy. Be careful not to overdo the spicing or that will be pretty much all you taste. Keep cooking, stiring often, until you start getting some browning, but careful not to burn them. Then serve them up. Eat them straignt, add to other dishes, serve as a garnish, etc.

They make an exellent white sauce gravey. Onec the water if nearly simmered out add milk and flour then cook to your desired consistency.

Enjoy! :D:D
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