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Apr 28, 2009
Roseburg, Oregon
Thought I was done but since the sled is in the shop and I saw some salmon numbers that looked good I figured I might as well venture out. We managed 4 keepers and one bruiser wild hen. She didn't get a photo op but she absolutely destroyed me during the fight. My arm was on fire and I could barely row after she was done with me.

Friday morning I fished alone. Put my line in the water at 4:32 a.m. and got bit at 4:33. It greased me without getting hooked at all so I rebaited and let the line out to the exact same spot and immediately hooked up. Fished the same spot for another 30 minutes before I moved to the next hole. 10 minutes there and I had my limit. I had to take a picture of my fish (in the bag) so I could wake up a few friends with a text of my early limit.

Saturday I took a couple friends and it took a lot longer to get two fish but we lost more than we kept and didn't connect on at least 4 plug take downs.

Fish cut great and I'm looking forward to celebrating the independence of the greatest country that ever existed on God's earth with some grilled spring salmon.


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