Millicoma winter steelhead and spring salmon


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Hey people. I’m not seeing a single thread about the coos or Millicoma rivers. So I’ll go. I just moved to coos bay about a year ago and have gotten back into fishing and have been putting hours on hours in going for a steelhead all winter without a bite of any kind. I’ve been watching tons of videos and learning as much as possible from online sources. As well as spending lots of time time on the water.
I’m just wondering if any of you guys that have been doing it for years have any tips or techniques you’d be willing to throw my way
Ive tried bobber dogging eggs, shrimp, yarn, beads/bobber and jig, spinners, spoons.. and even rigged up a drift setup with a corkie the past few times I went.
Also, does anyone know if anyone’s still catching on the Millicoma?