Middle Fork Willamette?


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Hello, I just joined this forum in the hopes that I can get out fishing more than I have been able to. I have a nice wooden drift boat and am looking for recommendations on where I could take it and not break it. I am used to floating it in the Lower Madison and on the Missourri. I am currently thinking about going to the Middle Fork of the Willamette and going from Dexter to Pengra or Jasper. Secondly, does anyone know about shuttles that could work? I have read some threads but thought I would start my own. Thanks very much, any information would be much appreciated!


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Good day, welcome to OFF ...
Not sure of any shuttles for that area but you can contact Danz Outdoors in Springfield. He is a guide and can probably give you some great tips on that section. You can check out my 51 lb Spring Chinook hanging on his wall if you stop by, he has a great selection of fresh bait and all the amenities that one needs.
Best of luck and be safe on the water...



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McKenzie river shuttle, $25 Willamette ($20 McKenzie)
(541) 912-0044
You can call or text them, I use them a lot and usually just text them my float on the way to the river and they always come through