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Went to the VA Dr. today and saw a catalog for building rods. Web site below! I'm to old for another hobbie, but it looks cool.

Casting Call

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Purchased lots from Mudhole. Great supplier of Spey rods and reels. THEIR line of rods were matched with production reels. Mudhole did recommend purchase of custom made, hand tied leaders out of Eugene Oregon. What a great balance of line and rod. Lots of retailers use them for supplies. Found them on a return address package years ago. So I cutout the middle man. Tony


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This is awesome! I have been wanting to get into rod building, but I haven't really known where to start.


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My body was to old to fish for steelhead, my legs just wouldn't work any more.... So, I decided I would start making knives for my friends. I start with kits and moved up to stock removal method. Learned to heat treat and temper my own knives, etc. So, after all my family and friends had all the knives they needed (this took 3 years), I decided to get back into steelhead and salmon fishing again. I got my self a handicap license and here I am again trying to figure out fishing from a different perspective. Good luck building fishing rods.


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