McKenzie steelhead question


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Hey guys, I live a short walk away from the harvest lane boat ramp. I've been fly fishing for trout in the area and have been having a blast. I want to target steelhead here shortly and would like some advice. Im new to fly fishing for steelhead and find the amount of info a little contradictive at times. I have a 6,7 and 8 wt single handed rod and a 7 wt swith rod to get thw job done. I also have a vice and can tie suggested flies. Where should i start? Or am i wasting my time wading this area. Its hard for me to get up river to some of the better water. Not looking for secrets just a good place to start. Thank you for any input. I love swinging flies and can present a nymph as well as a dry.
The numbers are really low for steelhead right now but the water downstream from the ramp is conducive for swinging. I've caught most of my steelhead on egg sucking leaches when fly fishing. I primarily use an 8wt.

There are also some nice red sides on that run that might hit a leach.


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you have proper sized rods for said fish.. keep an eye on willy falls fish counts - when summer steelhead numbers pick up, a few weeks and they are in the trib rivers.
as for flys, trial and error but an egg sucking leech is good to start with