Man Vs wild rpg style


I couldn't stop laughing!!! :lol:


It reminds me, of :

"All your bases does belong to us"

Hahahahaha great stuff there!!

I admit, I chuckled a bit...especially after having watched a few episodes. I always got the feeling that show was barely one step removed from Survivor.

Survivorman seems a bit more genuine to me...

Having watched this nifty little video, I was also lured into watching 'Female Armor Sucks' Too funny!
Pretty funny.

I like watching MvW but I know most of it is BS. When he did his "hike" through Hells Canyon it was hard to watch.
Here is how to survive in Hells Canyon.

Step 1. Get to the river.
Step 2. Flag down 1 of the jetboats that goes by.
Step 3. Drink a beer!

I should have my own show!
That was great! Makes me think of fishing in Runescape back in the day...
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