Man Leaves Toddler In Car, Goes Fishing.

Freaking wow :shock:

POSTED: 1:30 pm PST January 11, 2011
UPDATED: 2:15 pm PST January 11, 2011

LEBANON, Ore. -- A Lebanon man left his 2-year-old in his car while temperatures dipped below freezing so he could go fishing, said Linn County deputies.

They also said Steven Schneiter, 43, was drunk at the time.

Schneiter was arrested Sunday night near the Willamette River on Irish Bend Loop.

He will face reckless endangering and DUI charges.

After his arrest, Schneiter managed to squeeze out of his handcuffs and started banging his head on metal bars in the police car, said deputies.

The child’s mother is now caring for the child, according to investigators.
Freaking idiot. Needs an arse whoopin!
And I sometimes worry or feel guilty when I sneak out for a couple hours of fishing while my kids are in school...thoughts like, "what if I flat or the car breaks down and I don't make it back in time for when they get off the bus?"

Looks like I could take a few lessons from this guy about getting my priorities straight, eh? ;)
If I witnessed something like that, I'd have my knee buried in the back of his neck...and the cops are on the way.

I hope that the judge throws the book at him, locks him up but good; and then throws away the key!
I love beer and I love to fish, sometimes I do both at the same time.
But, when my 4 year old is with me, no brewskies period.
All I have to say is WOW.
I bet he was snagging too.
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