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Hella OFF topic, not been doing any fishing for months due to impending deadlines and crap from work...sucks to be me.

But anyway, I work from home, on the computer, so I distract myself throughout the day, and one of those distractions of late has been some perusal of Halestorm's catalog. I'm a rocker from the old days and this young woman's voice is a definite powerhouse, so I've been giving them a listen. Many of their song's are actually not my cup of tea, but again, her skills and talent are undeniable, so I find myself debating my ultimate thoughts on Lzzy and her crew. Feel free to chime in either way and help guide my thoughts one way or the other...

For those unfamiliar, we can start with Here's to Us, to give yourself an idea of what this woman can do:

Here's to Us

This next one, Freak Like Me, has a great opening riff. I love the lyrics. However, I've never been a fan of the 'anthem' and this is one. For instance, I've never liked the Beastie Boys' Fight For the Right to Party because of that anthem nature; my favorites from them are Sabotage and No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn. The bottom end coming through on that Freak guitar riff is superb, the gutteral opening lyrics from Lzzy are great, but when they get the chorus of Freak Like Me, I kinda shrug. Neat song, overall, though

Freak Like Me

She covers the range...Dear Daughter is a twist

Like many young bands, plenty of covers. This is a good one, Still of the Night by Whitesnake

Still of the Night

The comment section of that one kinda cracks me up...one goes so far as to say covering a Whitesnake tune is a 'no-go' as they are supposedly so legendary and off-limits; I laughed at that. I've listened to 'em all...Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Motorhead, Metallica, AC/DC, Dokken, Dio, Rainbow, Kiss, Ted Nugent, heck go more obscure, like Y&T. If you laid out 50 rock albums, 5 of them being Whitesnake albums, and told me to take whatever I wanted, the only 5 left on the table would be those Whitesnake albums...the Y&T would be picked up, Whitesnake are 'whatever' to me; they kinda blow in my opinion, so I guess it's hilarious that some people would have such a strong opinion that Halestorm should 'not go there' when after my reluctance to listen just BECAUSE it was a Whitesnake tune, turned me around thinking wow, Lzzy and band made that song kinda good, LOL

What Sober Couldn't Say

Close My Eyes Forever with Lita Ford

Ride the Lightning

Comments on the Ride the Lightning claim the guitar tone is a little thin, and I might have to agree with that, but I'm wondering if it's because as strong as Lzzy's voice is, it might lack a bit of the punch to get through too heavy a guitar and maybe thinned down on purpose? Anyway, that was a decent cover.

Familiar Taste of Poison

Hate Myself For Loving You

With Amy Lee of Evanescence

Straight Through the Heart

I actually like how she captures a bit of that Dio inflection in her tribute on Straight Through the Heart

Hell is For Children

Shoot to Thrill

You Call Me a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing

Anyway, Lzzy's a treat to listen to for sure, but I'm not quite sold on the band itself, they're diverse, but I'm not quite 'sold'...probably just 30 years too late; she probably would have killed it in the 80's for sure. Perhaps that's the deal...they are trying to appeal to a wide variety/diverseness since the metal/rock genre is scarcer these days and that turns me off a bit. Just stick to your guns, one way or the other and let the fans/success fall where it may...commit.


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montym;n604261 said:
Chez just because you took so much time to write this, I'm going to listen to them all.
LOL, don't feel obligated, man. Since I'm stuck camped out at my computer these days...for instance, just this last Sunday, in anticipation of our go-live scenario, they wanted some electrical rework in our datacenter. Since this work was going to take the electricians nearly all day, but they couldn't determine exact time, I was 'fortunate' enough to wake up at 2:30 a.m., help gracefully shut down a slew of our systems, in order to let the electricians commence their work on the East coast, then got to sit around the house all day waiting for the callback, upon their completion, to bring them all back up. Since I've kinda been stuck doing things like this the last few months, what else am I gonna do, but resort to becoming internet critic for stuff I browse online, and disseminate my worthless opinion? Hehehehe.


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I got a good visual of you hunched over your computer, tunes blaring, with a 4 shot espresso in one hand and an American Spirit in the other....Yeah?


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OnTheDrop;n604279 said:
I got a good visual of you hunched over your computer, tunes blaring, with a 4 shot espresso in one hand and an American Spirit in the other....Yeah?
Hehehe, you know me too well...or I forgot to turn off my webcam...is it on? LOL Supposedly, this work mess I've been mired in should be coming to a close the end of this month, when all systems go 'Live'. I'll hopefully be able to resume my normal life and I'll have to ring you up about summers. Sure, I can scrape a few up myself, but it's always a good time on your boat.