Lost boy

Ive been paying close attention to the story of the lost 2nd grader up near cornelious pass, these storys always upset me, a long time ago I found a lost boy up in the panhandle of north idaho, he had been out most of the nite, he was so cold, barely dressed... I can never... never forget the look in his eyes, the fear... eyes puffy from cryiing to the point he could cry no more, I remember the fog and the dew and how lonely that place felt, and I always apply it to these missing kids, I never knew that a positive thing like finding a child could scar you so deeply. I would give up 10 yrs of my life... if he could sleep in his own bed tonite. Pray for him.
The young boy is in my prayers, and I don't think he got lost, I think it is possible he got kidnapped.
In that case I will give 20 years of my life.... to meet this "kidnapper"
I haden't heard about this but I hope there is a possitive outcome in this too many of these stories don't have happy endings. I could only imagine what the family is going through.
We need more heroes

We need more heroes

I can't imagine the terror both the little boy and his family must be going through. He has been in my thoughts since first seeing the story yesterday. I pray they find him hiding at a friends house or some other benign situation. :pray::pray:
Please remember Brad,you will forever be that little boy's hero not to mention his family's. Lord knows we need more heroes. :clap::clap:
Watch your babies,no matter how old they are they are never replaceable.
Left Bank
What I can't understand is that this little guy was in the school and his step mom said goodby outside his classroom door but was marked absent just minutes later. I hope they can find him.
yeah, something is rotten in denmark... you know the cops are already eyeballing the family.. and unfortunately they are probably right in doing so... sad sad sad...
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