Looking for my wife's grandfather's boat (fourth and one) please read


Hi everyone.

I know this boat is somewhere around Grants Pass and I am looking for the current owner of it. I am interested in seeing if they'd be willing to sell it to me as it was my wife's grandfathers and is very special to her and her mother. Regrettably, it was sold after he came down with Alzheimer's and while going through some photos on our Thanksgiving visit to see family, some amazing stories were shared of fish caught and memories made in it.

My mother-in-law saw the boat three years ago in Grants Pass, OR. It is a silver Alumaweld with red and blue stripes and is named "Fourth and One." Grandpa Bill was a veteran, a fisherman and a hero to a little girl who I later married. I am searching for this in secret in order to hopefully get in contact with her new owner. I would love to buy the boat back but would also be very happy to maybe get some photos of the boat in its ongoing adventures if a purchase is not an option.

I started this venture after watching my Mother in Law and Wife cry at the sight of it. These "tears of joy" and the stories that accompanied them almost brought me to tears and warrant this search.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Bill, but admire him for the man that I know he was. He was a hero in war and in family. Sadly, he eventually lost his battle with Alzheimers, which took him years before his body failed. Needless to say, this boat is special... I cannot stress that enough.

Any help is appreciated and it is my hope to make a connection.

Please let me know if anyone can help.

Even just some photos of it would be irreplaceable.........

Thank you all!!!!

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thanks for the well wishes.


Can you you give me some specifics about how to follow the title? Is this possible by knowing only the name of the boat? I do not have access to any other records at this point.

Great suggestion and I will take it if it is possible!

Any tips help help so please keep em coming!


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Try contacting the Oregon Marine Board, if at all possible see if you can locate an old boat registration card or the boat VIN number. Best of luck in your quest....



Just replying to bring this to the top again. I will buy this boat immediately if the owner is willing to sell. Still searching for it. Thanks everyone.


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Have you put it on Facebook? I would find as many sports, sales and community pages in the area as I could and plaster Facebook with it. I hope you can find it!


I haven’t actually posted it anywhere besides this forum... I think it would be great to locate it in secret so that any information I could get would be a surprise. I agree that posting it on Facebook would be a great idea... I would just like to avoid posting it on such a large platform. I’m not a big fan of social media and don’t want it to become a big thing.