List of shuttles?


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Hi everyone.

I am planning on expanding the rivers I fish on a regular basis since I have a newish pontoon and have been trying to find a comprehensive list of shuttles for rivers in Oregon. However, I haven’t been able to locate one online. As such, I figured I’d see if we could compile one here.

A few things to consider:

1. Be respectful. Make sure the shuttle driver would be okay with their info going up online. This is super important! Don’t be the guy/gal that posts someone’s info and ruins the opportunity. (maybe contact them and ask before posting it here.)

2. Please be sure to include the rivers they shuttle by their info.

3. price is great if you know it.

I know of one shuttle driver on the Sandy And one on the sixes/elk but need to find out if they’d be okay with their info on here before I post it. So, pending approval, expect some options for those waters to be updated here soon.

Anyone else willing to share? PMs are also awesome if you don’t want, or are asked not to post it for everyone.


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Here's what I've got Devan.

Nestucca Valley Sporting Goods
Nestucca River $20
They are in the process of trying to sell the business

Jim's Shuttle Service
Kilchis, Wilson & Trask rivers $20


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Nice Hans! Thanks man

I reached out to the people I am familiar with and didn’t get a response so I’m thinking they are not into having their info posted. If I hear anything different, I’ll update.