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I made a recent post asking bout kayak fishing round Lincoln City, but I was also wondering if there are any trout opportunities in nearby rivers/creeks. Meaning wild trout in smaller creeks? I’ve already been given a lot of info on the reservoirs (Olalla, Big Creek)

I will mainly do fly fishing as well. Maybe throw some spinners.



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@nikita_pdx it's Steelhead season in the streams (rivers and creeks). All streams are now CLOSED for any and all trout fishing. Which is why we are recommending the reservoirs and lakes.

Just north of Pacific City is Town Lake; which is also stocked. I'm not sure if the other lakes are stocked (or are open at all...maybe private land). And it's closer than Big Creek in Newport.

I haven't been there, nor the two lakes nearby. But that's the closet to the North of L. City. You simply don't have many choices for trout "near" L. City at this time of the year. NW Zone streams don't open until May 22nd.

P.S. The same thing is true on this side of the Coast Range too. The streams are mostly closed to trout fishing. With a few exceptions, largely for catch n' release.
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