Leaburg hatchery on the brink of closing...


From Northwest Outdoors Radio...

The Leaburg Fish Hatchery on Oregon’s McKenzie River is going to dry up in terms of funding on June 30th unless over a million dollars are found to keep it in operation.

The hatchery has provided salmon, steelhead and trout for the McKenzie River and other waters since the 1950’s but the Oregon State Legislature, specifically, Representatives Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Betsy Johnson and Dan Rayfield on the Ways and Means Committee, following the recommendation of Governor Kate Brown, decided not to provide funding to continue it’s operations by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife next year.

Will this impact angler opportunity? Oh yes. It will also impact the economies of several small communities along the McKenzie River who count on anglers coming to the area and on people coming to visit the hatchery.

A last-ditch effort to fund the Leaburg Fish Hatchery is being spearheaded by Oregon Representative Cedric Hayden. He has introduced a bill to turn the fish hatchery into a state park and fund its operations through state lottery dollars, which are used in part to operate state parks.

Speaking with Representative Hayden I learned ODFW wants to continue to operate the hatchery and the Army Corps of Engineers, who owns the facility, is willing to gift it to the state. Hayden’s come up with a novel approach to keep the hatchery in business but the clock is ticking because if the bill isn’t approved by the 30th, operations at this long running hatchery will cease, and a lot fewer fish will be swimming the waters of the McKenzie River.

If you want to help call, email or contact your Oregon State Representative or State Senator along with Dan Rayfield, Betsy Johnson and Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and tell them to act on this before it’s too late! Oh…and feel free to contact Governor Brown who recommended no funding for this hatchery.


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How about funds from all those salmon license plates?
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Do I even dare to mention, the unthinkable notion of using funds collected from the Columbia River Basin Endorsement, as well as the Salmon Plates generated revenue? :unsure::unsure::unsure:

"Money from the endorsement helps fund improvements to Columbia River fisheries, including: expanded off-channel commercial fishing areas, fisheries specific research and monitoring, additional hatchery production, and commercial/recreational fisheries law enforcement. More information about the endorsement and Columbia River fisheries reforms can be found at odfw.com/fish/CRP/columbia_river_basin_endorsement.asp"


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Leaburg has been funded for 2 more years! Great to see this pass! Funds were also granted to fix the Hendricks boat ramp which could use some help for sure. Nice to wake up to some good news