Late springers, shad, or early fall fish- Portland area


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Huge Steelhead/Salmon fisherman from Eugene, looking to get on on the Willamette, Clack, Big C, or wherever, in a boat. 37 years old, middle school teacher, family man with a 3 year old toddler (who just hauled in his first 6 trout last weekend).

Most of my gear is down in Eugene, but I could make the trip down to grab it if it would make the difference. Currently between Clackamas and West Linn.

I've never successfully fished for Shad, and would simply love to get in the river for a couple of hours.
Happy to pitch for gas or bait or whatever. Down to roll with conversation, bring beer, or sit and fish in silence if that's your thing..

Please text, call or email: 858-336-2363. I'll be waiting by my laptop with fingers and toes crossed. Thanks in advance.



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Hey there, for shad all you need is any sort of a rod, some 1/16 or 1/32 jigheads in various colors and a bunch of 3/4 Oz type weights. With a 3 year old you might actually be better without a boat. Go to clackamette Park, tie on a jighead on a 3 feet or so leader 8 lbish or so, cast it out as far as you can and let it drift hopefully a few feet above the bottom. I've fished only thrice this way but always got into fish. Don't need any bait or plastics, but you'd probably need to play around a bit when your weight and retrieval rate. You don't want to hit the bottom really. I've done equally well with my salmon rod and my ultralight panfish rod, the lighter one was a million times more fun. Keep the drag loose and you'd get some nice jumps and stuff too. The folks there are very helpful usually, just ask if you need tips.

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