Last minute fishing advice near La Grande


I am in la grande visiting some family for the night and it looks like I'll get the chance to get out fishing in the morning. Any advice on spots close to town that I could catch some trout from the bank?
Was thinking about trying the grande ronde, although the water looks pretty low. better to head upstream or downstream from i84?


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Morgan Lake, is only a couple of miles SW of LaGrande and up in the hills a bit. Fished it with a buddy, several years ago. Got skunked on day 1--and tossed our entire tackle box at 'em.

But, saw some peeps knockin' the 'bows silly...with purple glitter powerbait. We picked up some of the purple stuff, on the way back to camp that night. Got back to the lake, at o'dark thirty the next morning--and got my buddy into his first 'bows! It was awesome!

There are also Brookies, and Crappie in there too. Fishing for crappie, might your best bet this time of year, in the reeds / weed beds, etc. For trout, I'd drop a worm--or Power Bait / Power Eggs, into the creek channel in front of the dam.

Good luck.

P.S. Mapquest shows it as Grande Ronde Lake--but it really is called Morgan Lake; and just OFF of Morgan Lake Road. If you need better details...just holla!


Drove upstream on the grande ronde just past the national forest boundary. Caught and released lots of small rainbows up to 8" in size on a size 12 elk hair caddis. Had several aggressive takes from 12" or larger trout that I could see on a rabbit fur muddler I tied, but none of them stuck!!
Saw ravens, an eagle, elk, deer and a coyote. Overall I had a great little trip.
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