Lake Coeur d’Alene bass fishing


For the last 7-8 years, we have spent 3-6 days in late August/early September bass fishing on Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho. We generally fish both sides of the lake between Mica Bay and Rockford Bay (the middle third of the lake). Water visibility is often 20-30 feet. Most of what we catch are small mouth bass in the 1-2 lb range. We have only had success with soft plastics in natural colors. Mainly drop shotting, Ned rigs and swim baits. We have not caught anything on crankbaits or spinnerbaits, even in natural colors.

For those of you who have fished this lake, what has been your experiences on the northern and southern thirds of the lake? Is it worth the long runs? Also, have you ever had any luck with hard baits?
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Havent fished LCDA but have spent time in Sandpoint. Love the Pend and have slammed the smallmouth almost anywhere shallow near town
and around the bridges
Cocclalla is great too
LCDA is just too busy sometimes. Maybe the back swamps towards Wolf Lodge but don't know the lake
Would like to try it for pike.
May end up near Idaho falls to fish Henerys and the Island.


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Look up anything about brandon palaniuk. He grew up in Rathdrum and cut his teeth on that lake.
Me, I likewise want to Pike fish up there and catch a big landlocked nook.
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