Lake Billy Chinook Fishing Reports

Went and fished the metolious arm of Lbc the bull trout fishing was good I landed 5 fish between 15 and 23 inches 2 that were close to keeper size all fish caught were on gibs minnow jigs in pink the kokanee are not very thick in the shallows yet maybe another week or two there will be better numbers posted a pic of one of the two larger bull trout I released
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Can you retain bull trout from LBC?
What is keeper size?
Yes, the limit is one and it must be 24" over larger.
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Casting Call
24 inches????? Thats a lot of bull.............. (fish) ROTF>LOL. Tony 10%er
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You must also attain a tribal permit to fish the waters I was fishing there $50 for a season tribal permit which can be purchased and downloaded online
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