Korn in Medford June 7th!!!!!

Throbbit _Shane
Thats right Korn will be in medford oregon playing at vibes main 1, and i can't wait!!! :D

Iv been a fan of theres for a long time now. And recently iv gotten back into them ever since i got
the unplugged cd. This show should sell out so if u want to go i wouldnt wait too long to get tickets.
nice,,,,i got to see them at rockfest a few years back...they have a hell of a show
I heard they put on a great show. I wished they'd come to Eugene.
Cool man! Thanx for the heads up, I can sign up for it being a streetteamer for RRRecords and they just signed with us!!!! However I`m staring right at L.O.G. tickets for the Roseland and can`t afford the trip without the tix paid for by RRR. Hopefully we can have a beer at vibes on June 7!
Throbbit _Shane
There will be a drinking in a restricted area the flyer says. But drinks at events are really expensive so id suggest consuming before hand LOL :D

Let me know if you make it down here for the show, and bring some flys ill buy some :)
Huh, that show is not on their list. So much for the beer bro. I had to request the Roseland show cause it`s , well , here....
Throbbit _Shane
The show was moved to the 14th. This monday!! i got my ticket and am ready for a epic show.
I`ll be at the Roseland show up here!! Finally some live music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
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