Keep on finding guts

This is not related to fishing at all but I was not sure where else to ask and since this is a group of people who get outside fairly consistently I figured somebody might be having the same experience as me. I keep on going outside to this one place that’s close to town-ish just to go on walks and I keep on finding packs of intestines on the ground and in the grass of small animals. I was wondering if anybody had seen anything like it as well or if they knew what kind of predator would do that. The guts are very precisely cut out, no fur no blood or anything just intestines and no other bits of animals, until today I found this small skull. I’m not sure what animals this is from either

I was stupid and thought I already had a picture of the guts so I didn’t take any. Anyways if anyone has any ideas what is doing it I’m very curious, or even if they’ve seen anything similar as I havnt seen anything like it anywhere else


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It could possibly be a trapper that his his line out there, but it seems a little strange that you would have only found the intestines and not the rest of the gut pile.
Thanks for the responses. Yeah it’s weird no fur or anything. It’s pretty close to the city so I don’t think it’s a trapper or anything.


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I have nothing constructive to offer but.... I keep seeing this thread on the forum and it’s title makes me laugh every time.