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Hello new to the forum. I will be moving to the Eugene area soon and was wondering the regulations on kayak fishing. I have my own yaks that I will be bringing with and was wondering if you needed to register them or not to use them on lakes. No motor attached will just be using a paddle. Do you need a boat license? Also are there many kayak fishers in the area? I am moving from Nebraska and there are tons of kayak fishers around here. I have lived in the area in the past and have a good idea where to go close, but if anyone has any suggestions where a great place to launch is I'm all ears. Im not looking for honey holes just great scenery and somewhere that holds a good amount of fish. Tight Lines!


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Check out nwka.

10' or longer requires an Invasive Species stamp/tag. Transferable between boats, so you only need one, really. But I just buy one per boat and tape them to the bottom of the hatch.

Lots of kayak fishing going on here on the Willamette, the Columbia, our lakes and reservoirs, bays, and of course the ocean.

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