Just moved to SW Portland trying to meet some fishing buddies.


Hey, Welcome aboard. I just joined, myself, not too long ago. Lots of local fishing folks on here.


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Welcome to OFF!

This forum was created by a fellow angler, who moved here. From the Ukraine no less.

We'll look forward to your reports and pics.

Here's a hotlink that you may find useful:


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Thanks Slo I look forward to learning a lot about fishing around here from the locals. Do you live in the Portlans area?

Thanks for the link troutdude.


I'm on the outskirts of Portland. Even that's getting too crowded for me anymore. But it's close enough to where you can drive an hour to hour and a half in any direction and be fishing for something completely different. Whether you want to cast into the salt water to the west, the Columbia to the north, Deschutes and John Day to the east (as well as all the Cascade lakes), Willamette and valley lakes to the south with warm water fishing - there's always something to get you going. I don't know of too many other areas that can offer that kind of diversity in such close proximity to home. And with all that diversity, there's a lot to learn, experience, and enjoy. This is a good place to start, browse the forum postings, get an idea of what is going on where, and what folks are using, ask questions, get advice, etc. It will help to cut down on some of the learning curve and frustration, too. But then again, some times you just have to go out and do it, learn from mistakes, meet folks along the way, have some fun, and put some dinner on the plates, too.