Its snowing hard here in beaverton

Anyone else getting hit? Its starting to stick now, hopefully no school tomorrow:D
Troutier Bassier
I'm getting it on/off in troutdale.
1-3 inches of snow should stick by the morning according to the report, seems like up north will get the worst/best of it, you can probably count on getting a ''get out of school free card''.
I have about 3" and its dumping out.. road froze over with ice and snow on top.. cars are sliding around
Troutier Bassier
3" here. NO SCHOOL FTW.
Throbbit _Shane
I woke up at 7 and there wasn't any snow on the on the east side of medford.
It was snowing like crazy when I left Albany this morning and it's snowing like crazy at my house.
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