Is there a any fish rig?


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Long time fisher guy here, BUT I HAVEN'T CAUGHT A FISH IN LIKE 7 YEARS!!!
So one of my issues is I don't go out to fish as much as some of you do but when I do go out I don't catch anything.
I've fished Commonwealth, Bethany pond, Tualatin river, Columbia River, willamette river and I just can't catch anything.
I'm plan on only fishing out of the river atm.
Willamette more specifically. Near sellwood and lake Oswego.
My question is, is there a rig I can use to catch whatever the heck could be in the water?
Currently using a slip sinker in the willamette but still no luck.
Any advice or information would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


I am not familiar with the willamette or the regs and limitations because it’s not my water. However, if you aren’t catching anything or have lost your magic with the fish, you might try returning to the basics. By which I mean, dare I say it, real bait. I say this because I rarely caught anything as a teen following my dad and younger brother who always seemed to be catching a load. I got distracted with work for a decade and a half before deciding to return to the responsibilities of keeping the fish in balance. In addition to using bait, I also have been watching my animals: learn fish nature and fish on their terms. You’ll get into some fins. Sometimes a small thing can make a difference in whether they bite or not. Keep experimenting. For illustration:

once i I was driving around a reservoir looking for a place to catch trout. There weren’t a lot of places to stand but I tried a few and had no bites. As I drove I was watching the surface of the water for signs of activity. I saw a ripple in a spot, parked, and scrambled down with my pole. I could see several fish swimming in this spot so I started fishing. Worms on bobber: no interest. Eggs, fish approach but don’t bite. Powerbait, no interest. Chicken livers, nope. Worm soaked in chicken liver? Hm fish seem more interested but still not convinced. Okay how bout a little action on the hook? Bingo! So worms dipped in chicken liver juice with a little tickling of the bobber and I’ve got three smallmouth bass in short order. Yum. Use bait where alowed, experiment, be observant.