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Mar 12, 2010
Beaverton, Oregon
So, I have purchased a cheap reel, a 45 dollar sinking line, is meant for salmon and steelhead. Have no fly rod. can I use my regular 8ft 6inch steelhead rod, or do I need a fly rod? also can I use this setup for 12-16 inch trout? What fly's do you recommend for each species, and should I buy a floating line for the trout? Know where I can get a cheap floating line? Thanks:pray:


Apr 12, 2010
Happy Valley
I don't even know where to start with this one, so I'll just start by saying... NO.

You're gonna need a fly rod, further, you're gonna need a fly rod, that is weighted in proportion to your line. there are standards put out by AFTMA, that are a great starting place. 5wt rod:5wt line.

Sinking line has a limited application. Mos of the time, in big rivers, or lakes, where you are trying to get your fly way down. You can get trout down low, but in streams, and rivers, most of the time , floating line is where its at.

Typically Salmon/Steelhead you are looking at 7/8/9 weight rods, and lines, and for trout, 4/5/6. There are tons of threads on good flies, so I will leave that part for now.

Finally, you are going to want a reel that is made to hold the right amount of line and backing. For Salmon Steelhead, you are going to want as much as 100 yds ofbacking, where as for trout, you may only want 20. You need a reel that is big enough to catch the fish you want with the appropriate amount of line. Most reels are conveniently marked with aftma standards.


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Oct 1, 2008
Baker City, Oregon
If you are still trying to figure out if you even like to FlyFish I'd recommend buying an inexpensive combo package. It comes with everything you need to get started.

If you figure out that you like FlyFishing you could then upgrade your equipment.

BiMart and Walmart sell combo packages between $45 and $75. This is how I started out......... now I'm an addict!
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