In need of fishing buddies in the Portland area.

Good morning OFF!

It has been forever and a day since I have been on this forum and I am excited to be back! I have been moving around and finally landed in Vancouver, WA.

Unfortunately none of my friends and family in the area share the same passion for fishing as I do, so I am left to my lonesome on the river banks.

If there are any others in the area, in the same position, let me know!

I am more than willing to help with gas and gear, I have a vehicle/shuttle, am knowledgable when it comes to any kind of fishing, and am desperately needing to be put on a good fish!

I have Fri, Sat, Sun off.

I'm 35 years old and the name's Erich.

Tight lines!


Im down in Keizer, but Im always looking for a fishing buddy. My other Googan buddy is in Portland already. Going fishing somewhere this weekend, most likely a coastal river.
It's been a long time since I've been on here myself! I know what you're going through man! My fishing buddies have been retiring and moving away or working out of town, it sucks...But...gotta love OFF! I have a drifter and just bought a new motor boat and have plenty of openings, especially for someone who can row! I live in Hillsboro but work in Vancouver. Might have a seat in the next couple weeks, possibly nooks in the Nestucca. I will keep you in mind!
Hey fellas, thanks very much for touching base! It would be great to fish with you :thumb: I would welcome a day of rowing! As I mentioned, I have Fridays and Saturdays OFF so feel free to hit me up any time. Cheers :peace: