I was able to Hagg-le a few bass and panfish into biting


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I hit Hagg on Cinco de Mayo with the intention of catching some bass. I left the trout gear at home because I know it is too easy to make a few casts and then say to myself, "I'll just troll for a little bit" and then the narrator from Spongebob comes on "6 hours later...".

So to avoid that I left the trout gear at home. I was on the water and fishing by about 7:15. The sun was already pretty bright but I decided to start with a topwater anyway, partly hoping to get a bite and partly to see the action of the new topwater I had purchased (Bass pro shops brand, kind of like a whopper plopper but both front and rear spin). For about a half an hour I enjoyed watching it gurgle along, completely undisturbed by any splashy bass bites. I decided that even though I really liked the action of that lure that I should probably put on something the bass liked too.

I started throwing a jerkbait and missed a strike almost immediately. About 10 minutes later I had another hard strike and this time the hooks stuck and I caught my first bass of the year and my first on my new medium light casting rod. It was a short but spirited fight but I already love that rod.


I kept throwing that jerkbait and about an hour later I caught another smallmouth about the same size as the first. After that fish I kept tossing that jerkbait as I moved along the bank. The water was about 60 and there was some new weed growth. I was on edge with every cast. I really felt like I should get bit every time I started my retrieve.

I finally got to a little micro-cove where I have had good success in the past. I decided to drop my anchor and really fish it thoroughly. I completely dusted it off with the jerkbait without so much as a sniff. I decided that perhaps the jerkbait bite was done or never really started and decided to show no mercy and break out the wacky-rigged Senko. The bass were in trouble now. I cast out and let it sink a bit and gave it a couple of twitches when I saw the line jump. I jerked back hard to set the hook and felt the pop of my leader breaking. (How many times am I going to have to do this before I start retying before every trip).

No big deal I thought. I am sure there are plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak. I re-rigged and tossed out again, and then again, and again... I did not get another bite on the Senko while I was anchored up there. I was getting ready to leave but I thought, what the heck I will make a few casts with a swimbait before I go. On my third cast with the swimbait it was smashed hard! That really took me by surprise since I had just been tossing the Senko into that same area. This fish felt really solid and I whooped out loud when it came about 2 feet out of the water. After that it dug deep and put up a good fight. Not a monster, but a 2lb 6oz largemouth was my prize.


Just a really chunky, solid beautifully marked fish. I thought this was definitely a sign that it was going to be a swimbait day, but in the next few hours of rotating through the Senko, jerkbait and swimbait I only picked up one more small largemouth (would have preferred a large smallmouth but I guess my order got confused). After another dry spell I decided to give the panfish a try for a bit. I never found a great bite but I did catch some nice sized bluegills. The males look like they are already starting to get their mating colors on.


After doing some panfishing I went to back to casting at the bass. I eventually ended up catching three more smallmout that were all about a pound on the wacky rigged Senko.

Around 4pm I decided to call it a day. I am not quite sure why I did not rack up more fish. With the surface temp in the low 60s everywhere in the lake I know the fish must have been shallow. In hindsight, perhaps fishing a deep crank in 8-12' would have been more productive. The problem is that every time I started to consider trying that I would get a hit or catch a fish. I certainly would have liked to have caught more fish but it was still a beautiful day on the water and I left early enough to be able to pick up some fried chicken from the Lakestop store on the way home.

If only the bass had bit the way I bit that chicken I would have caught a hundred of them :)


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Great story telling about a great day of fishing. Felt kind of like that wacky rigged Senko was in front of my own twitching mouth. Good thing the leader broke. Been there myself. Haha


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Thanks Aervax! I certainly did not lay the smack down like you did on the big C but it was still a fun day.