I want to go crabbing on a boat.


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I'm looking for someone who has a boat and it's going to go crabbing out on the coast. basically everybody telling me crabbing on the docks sucks this year. I do have an offer from someone to go grabbing up on the Columbia but I'm going to be visiting first week of October and that's not going to be the area I'm going to be at. So looking for something a little closer. Just wondering if anyone will be crabbing let's say from Depoe Bay anywhere all the way down to Coos Bay. I'd be a great deckhand for anyone. a personal trainer I'm young and strong and I can pull up pots all day long! Lol
and willing to help pay for gas and I might even have some access to more pots and then I also have a crab hawk and a crab snare.
Let me know thank you!