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I am trying to figure out this fly fishing, I headed up the Willamette and found a deep pool. Fish were taking flies on the surface, actually jumping out of the water. I tried every thing I could think of. Hi-vis BWO, Caddis, hares ears droppers. The fish are very active, I am changing flying as often as I can, laughing at the humor and finally got so frustrated.
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As for your post try the Fly Fishing forum. I know how to operate a fly rod but not teach..
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Thank you, I am new to this. Is there a fly fishing forum on this site? I haven’t found it yet. BAndrew
Actively feeding trout can be a tough problem to get them to take an artificial. ( fly )

Jumping trout are not always surface feeding. Unless you actually observe trout actually feeding on surface bugs, assume they are coming up for sub surface bugs, emerging nymphs rising to the surface. Smaller trout tend to be the “jumpers” while feeding, the big boys are usually the “sippers”.

If you see bugs coming off the water, try to match the size and pattern designed for that insect. I find color to be less important. Otherwise go with a sub surface fly, an emerger pattern for active risers, if no top action, go deep, DEEP! While nymphing, size matters, I usually go small unless I know which bug is actively hatching (March browns, stones etc..) I find smaller is generally better.

Good presentation and a smooth ”dead” drift are essential. Google YouTube for how dead drift a fly properly. Also, accurate casting is super important, trout, a lot of the time may not move sideways in the water column more then a few inches To grab a fly. Learning how to cover water and know the kind of water that holds trout is important. (search YouTube for this also).

Productive generic nymph patterns:

I would fish these anywhere any time, usually a two or three fly set up, (YouTube this also)
prince nymph, copper John, hairs ear, pheasant tail,

Here is a good flyfishing site:

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