I bought a ticket to the club!


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Cheater! That’s not fly fishing! :) I have never attempted that being a fly fisherman ( for trout) but my buddy has and he slayed em. Best technique to fish flies without a bug wand.
I also did that on the Deschutes, way back in the day (mid 80's). Which was ultra effective too. Then that gave me the idea, later on, for lakes too. At first it was cuz I couldn't afford to invest in more gear. But now it's cuz my casting arm's shoulder; has a greater than 50% rotator cuff tear. So waving a bug wand simply ain't gonna happen! I prefer to be as pain free as possible. 10-4?


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Waking a Teeney (100' +) nymph behind a driftboat at the top of a riffle great action , been working since Teeny first came out 30-40 yr ago been so long can't remember.

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